Technical Services for the Entertainment Industry

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Technical Services for the Entertainment Industry

Lighting design, rigging, network installation, fabrication. Stratus Tech is your best solution to today's technical world. We make sure your job gets done reliably, quickly and safely. 




All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.

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a breif overview of

Our Expertise



Grip & Electric is the lifeblood of Stratus Tech.



Over 6 years of gaffing experience in the non-union commercial world, no matter what look you're going for a good Gaffer is key. 


Make it safe, quickly. Shaping and controlling light requires a complex mixture of theory, experience and communication.

Board Op

Experienced with the High End Hog4 and ETC EOS lines of consoles, a good board op is essential to taking advantage of todays LED fixtures, in addition to being necessary for many different effects and gags.

Equipment Rental

If we don't have it, we know where you can get it. In an industry that relies so much on interpersonal relationships to get things done, we know who to call for the gear that will make your production shine.



Theres nothing we love more than taking an idea and manifesting it in the physical world. 

Custom carts

Grip carts, electric carts, DIT/VTR carts, collapsible carts. A well designed cart can mean all the difference.

Lighting Rigs

Custom lighting rigging for film or theatre.

Information Technology

From the mightiest server to the most portable ultrabook, your home WiFi to a multi campus WAN, we have the knowledge and experience to help you get what you need out of today's IT systems.


Data network and server installations for traditional offices, mobile production centers, sound stages and more. We specialize in both temporary and permanent installations.


Sometimes things just aren't working right. We can fix that. Specializing in all the equipment that post-production and field production offices depend on to survive.



Streaming and Switching

Video streaming and switching equipment and services


Live Switching

What's more exciting than TD'ing a multi-camera live show? Putting it out to the internet, perhaps.


Live Steaming

Requiring a unique blend of classical IT and video production skills, we are specially suited to make sure your live stream stays up and lag free.